Our Mission:

To awaken, engage and help mankind weather the storm.



The following publications are free of charge with more scheduled in the future:

Weathering the Storm Guide

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Weathering the Storm Guide

We are hurling toward a perfect storm of unparalleled magnitude and don't see it coming. This free guide will provide a practical approach for weathering the storm at a personal level.

Storm Warnings Newsletter

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Storm Warnings Quarterly 

The quarterly newsletter will provide timely information, trends and ideas that relate to the looming storm and impact on our lives.


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News Flash

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News Flash

A bi-weekly blog covering contemporary issues and challenges relating to the perfect storm.


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Best Practices

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Best Practices

A bi-monthly article that features organizations and individuals that have excelled in practices for addressing the perfect storm. 


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The Perfect Storm: Course Curriculum

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The Perfect Storm: Course Curriculum

The complete PowerPoint curriculum for the course taught by Mike Conley through the University of Minnesota's OLLI course series is provided.

Weathering the Storm Seminars

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PodCast Broadcast

An interview with Mike Conley that explains the perfect storm and things we need to do to
prepare for it.

Weathering the Storm Seminars

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The Weathering the Storm (WTS) Seminar clarifies the threats and offers practical solutions. It identifies the challenges, connects their relevance to our daily lives, and provides practical step-by-step approaches to awaken, engage, energize and help organizations and people get prepared while there is still time. Please read on for more information about the perfect storm and the WTS Seminar’s response to it.