Lethal Trajectories


The year is 2017, and a crisis of catastrophic proportions is in the making. A conflict over oil has brought China and Japan to the brink of war—igniting a global chain reaction. The Saudi Arabian government is overthrown by a regime using oil as an economic weapon of mass destruction to blackmail the world. The chaos is compounded by terrifying new climate change information, a floundering global economy, a terminally ill U.S. president, and a diabolical plot between a media mogul and a U.S. senator. All the while, a small-town pastor works to bring unity to frightened citizens in her Middle-American community as gas prices skyrocket, the economy craters, and American lifestyles change almost overnight. The clock is ticking as the two superpowers, China and the United States, decide whether to approach this perfect storm as friends or adversaries.

Mike Conley’s Lethal Trajectories explores a terrifying “what if” scenario based on extensive research and current geopolitical trends and world events. The conditions are ripe, and time is running out.


ISBN: 978-1-59298-454-1

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“Mike Conley’s gripping novel is only too real. I just hope the politicians in Washington and the American people hear the alarm before it’s too late!”

- Jim Ramstad, retired U.S. congressman


“Mike Conley’s Lethal Trajectories takes the issue of energy security and climate change seriously. While it is a work of fiction, the scientific accuracy and projections for a warming world are not. As someone who has witnessed first hand the signs of global warming, I understand the reality of the situation from over 45 years spent in the Polar Regions…. Action begins with education and Lethal Trajectories helps to explain the trajectories predicted from resource conflicts, oil shortages, increased energy costs, and climate change in a way that is utterly fascinating and engaging. It is a must read for anyone interested in these topics in an accessible way, with a twist of science fiction thrown in for fun.”

- Will Steger, Adventurer


“Mike Conley is a modern-day Paul Revere, signaling to all who are paying attention the nature of several approaching threats. While warnings of ‘catastrophe’ are usually met with denial, sometimes a good story can help illuminate truths in a way that a litany of facts cannot. This book of fiction should entertain you first; and then make you realize how much of it is all too plausible. We are not in the business of shrill predictions of doom at the Great Plains Institute but rather pragmatic energy solutions, so one of the things I appreciate most about what Mike has done in this book is to give readers a thriller based on a sober and holistic assessment of real economic, environmental and security trends unfolding before our eyes. It’s as if he’s digested the Pentagon’s Quadrennial Defense Review and transformed it into a page-turner. Maybe the most important thing to say about Mr. Conley’s book is that it is fiction, not fate. We have the ability to control our own energy destiny and to make economic choices that don’t burden our children—we need only the will.”

- Rolf Nordstrom, Executive Director, Great Plains Institute


About The Author

Mike ConleyMost people spend their time relaxing when they retire, but not Mike Conley. The former insurance executive and public policy activist is as busy as ever.

Instead of spending his time closing business deals, however, his focus is now on preserving the world as we know it for his grandchildren. “Our planet is a ticking time bomb,” he says. “We don’t just have one or two problems. We have a plethora of them coming together all at once.”

Conley is concerned about the future oil supply and skyrocketing energy prices; destabilizing Middle East conflicts; debt-ridden global economic trajectories; and ominous climate change developments. “The interrelated threats are converging to form a perfect storm, and we don’t see it coming,” he says. “I’ve written and spoken about these threats for years, but it’s a tough and complex story to tell. So, I decided to change the delivery mechanism for my message.”

He wrote a novel titled Lethal Trajectories that was just published by Beaver’s Pond Press of Minnesota in October 2011. It is a work of fiction, set in 2017, that graphically shows how people from different walks of life would deal with a global crisis of epic proportions.

Mike Conley graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1967, after serving in the Navy, and later completed a postgraduate program at Stanford University. He and his wife, Sharon, have two daughters and two grandchildren and reside in Plymouth, Minn., a suburb of Minneapolis.

Conley currently serves as Chairman and CEO of the Conley Family Foundation and is actively involved on a number of boards and advisory groups.