The Ukrainian Ripple Effect

Mar 14, 2014

Seismic events in the Ukraine – reminiscent of the “Cold War’ of yesteryear – are providing a pretext for those seeking a new domestic energy blitzkrieg. In America, the crisis is used by some to promote a new energy "blitzkrieg:" The idea is to use our growing shale oil and gas production as leverage against Mr. Putin.

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Shale Oil: Not what it’s “fracked” up to be…

Feb 17, 2014

The Bakken oil field will soon reach an important milestone as it produces one million barrels of oil per day. Coupled with increased shale oil production in Texas, the financial media will have a field day hyping up America’s new-found energy independence.

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Best Practices: EnerChange

Feb 05, 2014

Best Practices Award: Weathering the Storm will periodically recognize organizations providing practical, effective and quantifiable solutions for addressing the challenges of the perfect storm. It is a privilege to present EnerChange as the inaugural Best Practices Award recipient. Please read on and see why.

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Announcing: A new Best Practices Posting

Jan 30, 2014

The Weathering the Storm website is pleased to announce an important new feature called “Best Practices.” The inaugural issue will be posted next week.

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EEZ Flashpoints

Dec 19, 2013

The jacket cover description of my book, Lethal Trajectories, starts with this prophecy: “The year is 2017, and a crisis of catastrophic proportions is in the making. A conflict over oil has brought China and Japan to the brink of war.“ Could it be happening now?

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Climate Change: A Dollar and Sense Issue

Dec 05, 2013

Climate change may seem like a faroff threat to some, but its relentless assault is costing us dearly today. The insidious economic fallout from climate change takes many forms.

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Announcing Changes

Nov 01, 2013

In our ongoing effort to improve communications with our readers, broaden our base and achieve continuous quality improvement, we are pleased to announce several new website features.

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Mortgaging the American Dream

Sep 30, 2013

In our quest to sustain the unsustainable, we are mortgaging the American Dream and hijacking the future of others. Think about it: As a nation, we are spending money we don’t have for things we don’t make using borrowed money financed by IOUs we’ve passed on to others. We’ve made entitlement promises we can’t keep, and the debts, deficits and staggering...

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The Troubling Trifecta

Sep 09, 2013

An exploding population is consuming – and wasting – fresh water at an unsustainable rate: Something has to give.

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Lessons Learned from China

Aug 22, 2013

The pollution-induced smog and hacking cough that accompanied me throughout my recent visit to China were potent reminders of the ravages of climate change. China’s meteoric rise in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from 10% of the world’s total in 1990 to almost 30% of the emissions today also demonstrates how rapidly the GHG equation can change.

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