We’re Pleased to Announce…

Jun 14, 2016

     – Background –  

The Weathering the Storm publication is constantly looking for new and better ways to improve upon the content and delivery of its work. 

     In our quest to warn others of the perfect storm in the making, the message of hope has sometimes been lost in the translation. This is unfortunate because there are a lot of positive developments we want to share with you.  We also want to provide more background information as to how the perfect storm developed into its current threatening state.

     Before announcing our plans for addressing these needs, a quick recap of our current menu of publications will be helpful:

News Flash: Posted once or twice monthly, it comments on current events pertaining to the perfect storm and concludes with practical suggestions for addressing the event covered. 

Storm Warnings: Posted quarterly, it provides an in-depth analysis of perfect storm developments like climate change, energy and ecological issues, economic and geopolitical threats.

Best Practices: Posted periodically, it focuses on organizations that are making a difference by the effective ways in which they are addressing the threats of the perfect storm.


– The Plan –

Building off its current publications, Weathering the Storm is pleased to announce two major changes to improve the breadth and depth of its content:

  1. Re-emphasize the positives:  We will increase the posting frequency and enlarge the scope of our “Best Practices” section. It will showcase not only highly effective organizations, but also new products, processes, trends and technologies that are making a difference.  

     To accomplish this, we are pleased to announce that Matt Hoiland, a dedicated sustainability advocate, has joined our team and will take charge of our Best Practicessection. Matt will also be offering expanded content on our Facebook page, highlighting issues pertaining to sustainability, renewable energy, water, natural resource conservation, and ecology.  

  2. Add depth to the Perfect Storm story: We will provide readers with more background information from which to frame the issues, connect the dots, and track the development of the perfect storm trajectories from their inception.

     To accomplish this, we will add a new feature titled “News Flash-back.” It will complement the “News Flash” posting on contemporary issues, and draw heavily from excerpts and research taken from a new non-fiction book being written by our publisher, R. Michael Conley.  

In conclusion: We are excited about these changes and believe they will provide our readers with a more complete picture of the perfect storm; and yes, the opportunities that could emerge from it if we are prepared. Please visit our website atwww.WeatheringtheStorm.net for more information.

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