“An Unconventional Truth”

Jan 19, 2015

The dramatic plunge in oil prices has exposed an “unconventional” truth: Not all oil is created equal. Recent events have shaken our fantasy of becoming the new Saudi Arabia of oil. It was based on the false premise that “conventional” and “unconventional” oil are one in the same.

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Something New

Jan 09, 2015

The “Weathering the Storm” (WTS) website, celebrating its third anniversary in February, is constantly looking for new and better ways to carry out its mission to “Awaken, engage and help mankind weather the storm” – the perfect storm, that is. WTS is pleased to introduce a new feature: WTS will herein automatically post substantive media interviews whenever possible.

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Book Beat Lethal Trajectories 8-31-14

Jan 01, 2015

Interview with R. Michael "Mike" Conley, author of "Lethal Trajectories" and "Weathering the Storm" on Book Beat from 8.31.14

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