Best Practices: EnerChange

Feb 05, 2014

Best Practices AwardWeathering the Storm will periodically recognize organizations providing practical, effective and quantifiable solutions for addressing the challenges of the perfect storm. It is a privilege to present EnerChange as the inaugural Best Practices Award recipient. Please read on and see why.


Snapshot: EnerChange is a no-cost service organization that helps non-profit organizations implement efficiency improvements in their energy consumption practices – gas, electric, etc.

Mission: “To transform information into action in the form of energy efficiency practices.”

Organization: EnerChange, a 501-(c)-3 organization, began in 2010 as a Test Pilot funded by the Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) a Partnership coalition comprising CenterPoint Energy, Xcel Energy and the Minnesota Division of Energy Resources. Funded by these partners and CIP through 2015, EnerChange has more than proven its worth.

How it works: EnerChange provides a valuable service to its non-profit clientele by offering energy saving solutions – enabling their clientele to reduce operating costs and better serve the respective communities they represent. The process involved includes:

  1. On-site Assessment: An audit of client facilities is made that includes a review of the client’s two year history of energy usage and costs,
  2. Prescriptive Plan: A “prescription” is presented to the client, listing short and longer term priorities for saving money by saving energy. 
  3. Implementation: Working with their client, EnerChange guides them through each step of implementing the recommended and agreed upon options and opportunities. In that process, EnerChange identifies solutions, available rebates and grant or loan programs that provide quick payback. This valuable service takes the hassle and mystery out of what many non-profit leaders find daunting and confusing if left to find their own way to energy efficiency. 
  4. Metrics: EnerChange provides a full menu of key metrics that quantify the ROI and help stakeholders measure the performance and payback of services provided. In addition, EnerChange provides an aggregated tally of its carbon footprint, COreduction efforts. 

Track Record:  In its relatively short period of existence, EnerChange has achieved impressive results on many fronts. It has served more than 225 non-profit organizations, improved efficiency in over 500 buildings, and is responsible for significant Kilowatt and Therm savings that equate to more than $2 million dollars in client expense reductions. It has also helped contribute to our planet wellness by generating an accumulative CO2reduction level that equates to 7,157 Metric Tons.

Who’s Been Benefiting and Why: Following its initial focus serving United Way non-profits, word-of-mouth and referrals have resulted in EnerChange activity generated for and among many key community sectors. Senior Living, Healthcare, private schools, Multi-family housing and Houses of Worship have all responded enthusiastically to EnerChange’s no cost services. And virtually all recommended improvements pay for themselves. To bridge the time until the payback period is concluded, EnerChange offers a cafeteria of financing options for any non-profit requiring interim financial assistance. Creative EnerChange financing has helped many non-profits who find traditional financing difficult to arrange.

Accessing EnerChange: If you are a non-profit organization and want to experience EnerChange services at no cost, please call 952-562-8698 – or visit their website ( ) and request an assessment. The general public is also encouraged to engage EnerChange and the helpful energy saving ideas they offer on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Remember: EnerChange will save you money by saving energy.


Weathering the Storm Commentary: As the perfect storm gains traction in the coming years, energy, environmental and economic challenges will intensify. EnerChange is well ahead of the curve with a continuum of solutions their clientele can use to address contemporary energy challenges and prepare for the future.

EnerChange services help mitigate the four major forces that are forming the perfect storm: 1) Energy – through energy conservation and demand reduction programs, 2)Environmental – by reducing carbon footprints and measuring CO2 reductions, 3)Economic – by helping clients save money while saving energy and 4) Expectations & behaviors – by behavioral modifications that often occur within their enlightened clientele base.

And so, for their solutions-based approach and the quantifiable results achieved,Weathering the Storm is pleased to honor EnerChange as its inaugural “Best Practices” Award recipient. As a boots-on-ground organization that transforms energy efficiency ideas into money saving initiatives for the non-profit clientele they serve, we hope our readers will also find value in the proactive ideas and solutions they employ. Contact EnerChange at for information and practical suggestions for weathering the storm. 


Disclosure: The founder and publisher of the Weathering the Storm website, R. Michael Conley, is a board member of EnerChange. The information herein is provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only and does not constitute a formal endorsement by Weathering the Storm LLC

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