Announcing: A new Best Practices Posting

Jan 30, 2014

The Weathering the Storm website is pleased to announce an important new feature called “Best Practices.” The inaugural issue will be posted next week.

Best Practices is a direct result of feedback from you. Subscribers have requested that we say more about solutions for coping with the perfect storm, and we hear you; we get it.
Best Practices will feature organizations that have excelled in practices for addressing the perfect storm. Covering such topics as clean energy, demand reduction, environmental, economic, financial, and lifestyle challenges, it will focus on solutions and resources to help readers “weather the storm.”
Best Practices, as the name implies, will feature organizations that:

  1. Address issues directly related to the perfect storm
  2. Have a quantifiable track record of effective performance, and
  3. Provide accessible information that can be used to plan for the perfect storm  

Best Practices will become a permanent part of a trifecta of archived postings that include: 1) Storm Warnings – our quarterly in-depth analysis of key topics, 2) News Flash – our bi-weekly blog touching on contemporary issues, and now 3) Best Practices– a solutions-based feature that will be posted bi-monthly.
We also invite readers to visit our website for other postings that include our freeWeathering the Storm Guide; Podcast Briefing on the perfect storm, and our Perfect Storm Curriculum for a college-level course that is taught in the fall. The addition of Best Practices will enhance our mission:

To awaken, engage and help mankind weather the storm.”
Look for the inaugural posting of Best Practices in early February.

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