Announcing Changes

Nov 01, 2013

In our ongoing effort to improve communications with our readers, broaden our base and achieve continuous quality improvement, we are pleased to announce several new website features:
  1. Perfect Storm Podcast: The podcast provides an intimate interview with our founder, R. Michael Conley, in which he explains the perfect storm, its key dynamics and the things we need to know as we proactively plan to weather the stormDownload the first episode now or find it on
  2. Perfect Storm Curriculum: Conley’s University of Minnesota OLLI course curriculum on “The Perfect Storm” is now available. The seven session Power Point presentation, developed and taught by Conley in the Fall of 2013, can now be downloaded free of charge. Please refer to the Homepage for details.
  3.  Best Practices: On January 1, 2014, we will introduce a new feature entitled:“Best Practices.” It will profile organizations that have demonstrated excellence in the pursuit of programs that will help us all to weather the storm. Look for it on a bi-monthly basis with messages of hope, opportunity and common sense.
  4.  Ongoing Content: We invite subscribers and readers to visit the website and keep up-to-date on new information and resources. The archival sections provide a complete menu of previously published Storm Warnings newsletters and News Flash blogs. In addition, readers can download the popular 34 page Weathering the Storm Guide free of charge.
We hope these changes will help in the fulfillment of our mission: “To awaken, engage and help mankind weather the storm.”
Weathering the Storm, LLC
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