Peak Oil or Peak Demand?

Mar 06, 2018

We are experiencing an “Energy Renaissance” that few would have believed possible even five years ago, and it will present a fantastic array of new opportunities.

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North Korea: The Real Threat

Sep 20, 2017

America’s aging electrical power grid system is an amazing concoction of aging technologies and patchwork fixes; ill-suited to meet our future ramped up electrical needs.

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Eight Megatrends that are Reshaping the World

Apr 27, 2017

My latest book-in-progress – “Mortgaging the American Dream: What Were We Thinking?” – builds on eight megatrends that are reshaping the world. In this sneak preview, the abbreviated megatrends are listed along with a “looking ahead” commentary on potential implications:

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Mar 28, 2017

A central issue in the 2016 presidential election was that America was getting played by the rest of the world.

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Climate Change: Traction trumps Truncation

Dec 15, 2016

resident-elect Donald Trump labeled climate change a hoax; threatened to pull out of the Paris Accords, dismantle the EPA, and torpedo its “Clean Power Plan.” Hardly grounds for optimism for those concerned with climate change, but are we dead in the water? Decidedly not. In fact, it could even spark a movement in ways never imagined.

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The Ozone - End Zone

Aug 09, 2016

Climate change is a contentious topic in this presidential election year, and all issues related to it like the Paris Accords, Clean Power Plan and several EPA directives are on the table.

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The Perfect Storm: A Hopeful Sign

Jul 18, 2016

Something happened last week that provided a strong ray of hope with respect to our ability to weather the perfect storm. For newer readers, the “perfect storm” describes the looming collision of seismic economic, energy, environmental and behavioral forces and the dramatic impact it will have on our lives. Our current practices are unsustainable.

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We’re Pleased to Announce…

Jun 14, 2016

The Weathering the Storm publication is constantly looking for new and better ways to improve upon the content and delivery of its work. In our quest to warn others of the perfect storm in the making, the message of hope has sometimes been lost in the translation. This is unfortunate because there are a lot of positive developments we want to share with you.

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Climate Change: Election Year Myths Debunked

Mar 23, 2016

The 2016 presidential election season is in full swing, and candidates from both parties have been known to “spin” the truth. Climate change is one such issue that has been spun beyond recognition; call it myths run amok.

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The 2015 Perfect Storm Report Card

Feb 19, 2016

It was a pivotal year in the inexorable progression of the perfect storm; not because of any one game-changing event but rather a toxic mix of “steroids” injected into the storm’s system. In this annual recap, R. Michael Conley, Publisher, summarizes the perfect storm developments in 2015 with links to previous posts describing them.

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